Sunday, 16 July 2017

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What You Should Know About Citizenship


citizenship is the status of membership pf a particular state or country which confers on the holder some constitutional rights and obligations/ duties to perform as a citenzen.\par
\tab A citizen is a legal memeber of a statewith full constitutional rights in the country in whichhe or she resides. A stranger in a foreign land can acquire citizenship of that country either by birth,registration or naturalization.
the first duty or task demanded or rquired of a citizen is to understand the operations of his social environment and to endeavour to sustain a conducive relationship with people in his environment. this can only be realized or achieved through the instrument of education which could be informal or formal. the most important education one is expected to acquire is how to be a citizen of a state, since it ensures societal cohesion, maintenance of peace, orderliness and good living.
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