Sunday, 16 July 2017

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The Importance Of Citizenship

Importance of Citizenship Education

citizenship education is so relevant in a countrys natinal life that it should orm the core of our national character moulding and essence of education. the following support the need and importance of citizenship education.

1. it promotes the understanding of the inter-relationship btw people, government and the society in general.

2. it enhances the teaching and learning of emerging issues.

3. it inculcates in student their duties and obligations to the society. helps to create awareness over the importance of political equality,equity and justice among the citizens.

5. it teaches the student their rights,duties and obligations they owe to government and the nation.

6 citizenship education emphasizes the rule of law, keep a peaceful nation and contribute meaningfully in the economic activities of the nation.

7. it helps the citizen to develop good sense of judgement coupled with critical and analytical mind to be able to place things appropriately.

8. it exposes and addresses the problems of good governance.

9. with citizenship education governance is made easier since duties and responsibilities and become willing to make the nation work. develops in the citizen good values and patriotism and vokesw in them the resolve to become good citizens.

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