Sunday, 16 July 2017

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The Definition Of The Term Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education

This is the type of education which inmpacts moral values, skills and attitudes in an individual with the desire or consciousness to use the abilities to solve developmental challenges facing a nation.
citizenship education aims at making the young become an effective,good and responsible citizen. it educates the youth about the ways his country is governed. he eearns his civic and political rights,duties, and allegiance he owes his country. he equally learns to live and work with others co operatively for the good of society.\par
it could be seenas the education through which students in the school system are taught about their rights,privilege, duties and responsibilities as good citizens and through which they are encouraged to perform their duties and play positive and active role in the society. in effect, citizenship education is the same s civic education. it is the totality of education programme in terms of knowledge and skills imparted to people with the aim of making the students morally good and effective citizens.
so many governmental agencies and mass media are all involved in the process of bringing about citizenship education to the people.

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